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Thus saith the Lord: “My word that goes forth out of My mouth shall not return to Me void (without producing any effect); but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose and prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” Therefore, I decree a five-fold blessing over us: PRODUCTIVENESSFULFILLMENT – ACCOMPLISHMENT FRUITFULNESS and COMPLETION!


Jeremiah 1:12 – Then said the LORD unto me, Thou has well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.


Thus saith the Lord:


  • Because you have diligently sought to not walk in PRIDE, I am imparting unto you today even more grace to fulfill My Divine PURPOSES for your life.


  • Because you have not lived for PLEASURE you have sought to PLEASE Me, you will always have financial security as you faithfully do the work of the ministry.


  • Continue to be PATIENT and wait on Me and I will PROPEL you even further towards your divine destiny. Fear not the oppositions; for I have honored you with this PASTORAL POSITION. Neither you nor your ministries are defined by these diabolical conditions. I define what is Mine! So re-envision what you see, for you are employed by Me and nobody that faithfully works for Me is ever defeated! My name is Victory! You are Pastors that I have chosen to save this generation and reach the nations. I ordained this to be before you were even created. Don’t doubt your call. Don’t follow the footsteps of Saul and don’t try to preach like Paul. Be who I have designed you to be and in all you do just give Me the glory!


  • Continue to PRAISE Me and PRAY PERSISTENTLY for My ears are always open to the righteous


  • Seek to POSSESS a meek and quiet spirit which is of great PRICE in My sight and all your battles I will fight saith God.


  • I know you’ve been in some fierce battles, but I will have PITY upon you like I did Job, which will have a POSITIVE effect upon your spirit, body, mind, marriages, monies, ministries and soul.


  • I am imparting new PASSION – stop allowing yourself to be distracted. Shift your sights and let Me be your main attraction. For all those things that are obstructing your view is putting a separation between Me and you. I alone can fill that empty place that you are feeling from within and bring back a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in ministry once again. I will keep you in PERFECT PEACE as your mind is stayed on Me.


  • Thus saith the Lord: PRECIOUS fruits shall be PRODUCED as a result of you enduring the PROCESS and endeavoring to continue to PURSUE after Me; even when you felt like your destiny and your blessings were no longer within reach. Your faith was failing, some of your bodies have been ailing and doubt and unbelief have been assailing. Just keep on PRESSING it’s been only a test, but the test is almost over because 2019 is the year of rest. You’ve PASSED former tests through all you’ve lost, you denied yourself and taken up your cross. Now look for My blessings to be on the rest that remains, expect continuous and creative change! I will PERFECT that which concerns you, I am far from being through with you or those things I have called you to do saith God.


  • Because you have yielded your physical body unto Me, no matter what the attack, just remember I Am Jehovah Rapha the Lord that healeth thee!


  • Every PROPHECY and PROMISE spoken from Me shall be fulfilled as you joyfully seek to do My will. You shall continue to PREACH the Good News but now at another level. This new anointing I am placing on your life is going to enable you to minister even better!


  • You have been chosen to be holy and a royal PRIESTHOOD who walks in PURIFICATION and PECULIARITY not with those whose are seeking So don’t be discouraged when people PERSECUTE reject and forsake you; because you don’t do things exactly the way they want you to. They’re not rejecting you they are rejecting Me, that I should not be their King. And when they hatefully and not honorably depart; I will superimpose My love over your heart and prevent it from being scarred. Fear none of the enemy’s lies and threats, for the PRECIOUS blood of Christ is your covering and PROTECTION.


  • I’m reminding you again: If you don’t number the people God said I will increase the numbers. I decree Jeremiah 30:19 over you: And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of them that make merry: and I will multiply them, and they shall not be few; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small. (NIrV) I will increase the numbers of my people. Their numbers will not become smaller. (NIV)  I will add to their numbers, and they will not be


  • Look for open doors of opportunity, PROMOTION, PROVISION and abundant living! All what I have PERMITTED you to go through was in PREPARATION to bring you into the ‘New.’ You have been PRESERVED to birth My vision on this earth. You nor your ministry are misaligned, rebuke those negative thoughts from your mind. Chaos may be on every side, but the Good News is, “that I’m on your side and will continue to provide and be your guide.” When you ‘take God led risks,’ negative things are supposed to happen just like this! You didn’t miss Me, no, your obedience and faith just kissed My Will, so ‘just chill and be still and know that I Am God.’ Your expectations shall be fulfilled! What the enemy meant for evil to try and take your HOPE and bring you under the curse, God said ‘I have already reversed.’ You are not clothed with the curse, I have clothed you with My Righteousness so walk in dominion POWER over everything that will seek to PERVERSE My PURPOSES for your life!


Did not I tell you that there will be perilous conditions in the land as sin, idolatry and rebellion against Me has increased? But for my children and churches that are governed by Me, there shall be protection, provision and peace. I decree Psalms 37:19 over these airwaves: They will not suffer when times are bad; they will have enough in time of famine. I decree Isaiah 3:10 over us: The righteous will be happy, and things will go well for them. They will get to enjoy what they have worked for. Thus said the Lord: There will be resolve concerning this Government shutdown, but even if there was never a resolve, I’m your Savior and your PROBLEMS I have promised to always solve.


If I shut it all down, keep your faith strong and sound in My provision, My children should never be in a state of derision! Thus saith the Lord: “Don’t be like this people, always afraid somebody is plotting against them. Don’t fear what they fear. Don’t take on their worries (Isa. 8:12).  Because none of My promises will ever fall to the ground, therefore, you can rest assured that I’m never gonna let you down!


Always remember that you are strangers and PILGRIMS and you have a new birth. So never become comfortable because My Kingdom is not of this earth! I have gone away to PREPARE a place for My PEOPLE to stay; and I will be returning back to take you home someday before the Great Tribulation takes place.


Remain ‘Rapture Ready’ and your eyes steadily “looking up toward the heavens!” Now go and POSSESS the spoils, I have dispensed upon you this morning an out POURING of Prophetic Love and fresh oil; don’t allow the cares of this life to POISON or dilute it. I Am Jehovah Hosenu your Creator!