R3 Alliance | Positioning for a Miracle
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Positioning for a Miracle

Positioning for a Miracle

“…he presented her alive.”  Acts 9:36-42


Dorcas, a woman of good works and charitable deeds, became sick and died.   This event took place in the midst of incredible revival.  The early Church was bursting at the seams. However, right in the midst of that revival came what seemed to be a tragic loss.


Dorcas was a disciple who abounded with deeds of kindness and charity. 

She was a good person.   Bad things can happen to good people.  But the Bible tells us that “all things work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28).  In this case, Dorcas was dead.  Some of you may feel spiritually as dead as Dorcas was physically.  Take comfort friend, you are in the perfect position for a miracle.


Dorcas had friends who were in revival.

They did not give up nor immediately bury her.   They knew it was too late for a doctor, but not too late for Jesus.  The disciples were sent for—not to attend Dorcas’ funeral, but to prevent it. Likewise, even though you may feel spiritually dead, there are intercessors, some known and many unknown, who are going after Jesus on your behalf.  Do not allow yourself to be buried in the circumstances.


Dorcas came in contact with the power.

Through an anointed disciple, Dorcas was brought into contact with the resurrection power of Jesus!  When she was told to get up, she responded.  You, too, must come in contact with the resurrection power of Christ.  It makes no difference how one comes to Jesus, as long as the connection is made.  But remember, your personal resurrection depends on your response.  When Dorcas saw Peter after he told her to arise, she sat up.  You must make an effort.  You must get up from your resting place if you want a miracle.

Notice also, news of this miracle spread throughout her hometown, and many believed in the Lord as a result!


Pastor/Evangelist Steven Hill