R3 Alliance | The Moravians: Fervent Prayer and Outpouring
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The Moravians: Fervent Prayer and Outpouring

The Moravians: Fervent Prayer and Outpouring

“…the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out…” Acts 10:45 (NKJV) 


Count Zinzendorf organized the Moravians into a church body with elders and pastors and encouraged them to seek God for a gracious outpouring of His Holy Spirit.  Zinzendorf himself led the way with fervent supplications, which sometimes lasted through the night.  Community members soon began to gather of their own accord for prayer and at times would continue for an entire night.  A spirit of prayer prevailed that touched the children as well as the adults.  While boys engaged in prayer, in another place a group of young girls spent the hours of 10:00 pm to 1:00 am “praying, singing, and weeping.”

During the summer of 1727, their prayers began to be answered in a remarkable fashion.  On Sunday, August 10, around noon, while Pastor Rothe was leading the meeting at Herrnhut, he was overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord and fell to the floor.  The entire congregation, overwhelmed by the Spirit and presence of the Lord, then sank to the floor with him.  The service continued until midnight with prayer and singing, weeping and supplication.  During a communion service three days later, God’s presence manifested in such a way none of the participants could fully describe it.  John Greenfield, Moravian historian says they, “hardly knew whether they belonged to heaven or earth.”

Zinzendorf said, “a sense of the nearness of Christ [was] bestowed in a single moment upon all the members present; so unanimous that two members, at work twenty miles away, unaware that the meeting was being held, became at the same time deeply conscious of the same blessing.   At this same time miraculous healings and other spiritual gifts began to manifest in their midst.  Greenfield says, “Christian women and young people were filled with the Spirit and prophesied.”  Zinzendorf says, “at this juncture supernatural gifts were manifested in the church and miraculous cures were wrought.”


Excerpt:  When The Spirit Comes, John Greenfield

The Revival Study Bible (Notes)