R3 Alliance | Do everything to maintain the unity of the Spirit
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Do everything to maintain the unity of the Spirit

Do everything to maintain the unity of the Spirit

“Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”  Ephesians 4:3

*Excerpts from Revival Phenomena, Colin Dye


For I believe that we should always prize our unity most highly—it too precious and too important a gift to spoil.

Sadly, there are always those who value their opinions more than their relationships in Christ—and those who put their experience before their oneness.  We must remember that, when God pours out his blessing, the devil will always seek to destroy that work—and disunity is his favorite weapon.  We must do everything to maintain the unity of the Spirit.

The heart of the gospel is reconciliation, and unity is its essential expression.  We are inconsistent when we profess that we are passionate about the work of the Spirit yet half-hearted about oneness.

If we are to keep in step with the Spirit we must openly acknowledge that unity is God’s present purpose for the church—and then align our actions with our words.  We must stop criticizing those brothers and sisters with who we disagree about non-essential matters.  If Jesus prayed that we will be one so that the world will know the truth, our refusal to stand with a brother or sister actively holds up evangelism.  Even the pagans unite with those they agree with.

We have seen that every true manifestation of the Spirit builds the church up by building it together.  And we know that God’s building grows as we are knit together in love.

Personally, I am sure that God has visited us in recent days with startling blessing.  I am equally certain that there is much, much more to come in the future.  However, we do need to see the fruit of the Spirit developing from out encounters with God.  And love is at the heart of the fruit.


*Colin Dye is Senior Minister of Kensington Temple, London, one of the largest churches in the U.K.  Revival Phenomena was forwarded by Pastor Jack Hayford and R. T. Kendall