R3 Alliance | Be In Pursuit of Revival! By Steve Hill (1954-2014) Pastor/Evangelist
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Be In Pursuit of Revival! By Steve Hill (1954-2014) Pastor/Evangelist

Be In Pursuit of Revival! By Steve Hill (1954-2014) Pastor/Evangelist

REPOST from February 29, 2016

Throughout world history, there have special seasons of grace where God Almighty chose to pour out His Spirit upon the land. Sometimes these outpourings lasted only a few days—but they dealt a powerful deathblow to the devil. Other times, these sweet visitations would go on for months, even years, soaking a people in His blessed presence.

These marvelous moments of mercy were usually preceded by a long season of spiritual drought. The Church was at an all-time low in spiritual power and numerical attendance. The country as a whole had been drifting down a path away by the powers of darkness. Evil practices, occult worship, love of pleasure, life-controlling vices such as alcohol consumption and sexual lust were rampant. Rivalry and fights, a disregard for the warnings in God’s Word, a disdain for truth, an unconcern for holiness, and a hellish philosophy of “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die” was often the rule of the day.

But somewhere in the country, off on a hillside in a small cottage littered within by a few pieces of humble furniture, off in a corner, you would find a two-foot-by-four-foot braided rug; and on that rug would be worn-out spots where somebody, some dear saint of God, was praying—laboring like a mother would in giving birth—for a spiritual awakening in their country. Amid all the smoke of hell outside, inside that little cottage was the clean air of heaven.

There have always been pockets of believers, sprinkled throughout the land, earnestly seeking God, and motivated by a desperate desire for revival. God has always had His remnant. They have a hold on the horns of the altar. The darkness of night was pierced by their agonizing pleas for a visitation from God. Their white-hot prayers lit up the sky just a lightning displaces utter blackness.

As barrooms and dance halls would be seen full of sinners two-steppin’ with the devil, just a few doors down in a small apartment would be a dear saint of God pounding the tongue-and-groove pinewood floor with his fists—blasting our fiery arrows of intercession, such as John Knox’s haunting words, “Give me Scotland, or I die.” The hierarchy during his time went down in history as saying, “I am more afraid of John Knox’s prayers than I am of all the armies of the world.”

The corridors of heaven would ring with the consistent, dogmatic, God-demanding, heartfelt, soul-stirring, tear-drenched, insistent, persistent, unceasing, unwavering, and crystal-clear cries for mercy.

Before long, the faithfulness of God would reign supreme. Just as God answered the bellowing cries of a group of believers in Pensacola, Florida, for revival, over the centuries, He has faithfully turned His ear toward the prayer warrior. He is always moved by the Christian warrior’s zeal and his intense concern for the welfare of mankind. I can imagine Him standing up in the throne room of heaven, raising His right hand and saying, “Gabriel, sound the war cry; gather ten thousand of our seasoned war angels. Holy Spirit—the time has come. Jesus, My son, it is time. May You now receive the reward for Your suffering. Holy Spirit, flood that nation with Your presence!”

I can hear the Father saying, “See that band of believers? Yes, that one hundred and twenty in the Upper Room. I unleash the power of heaven. Tongues of fire—fall! Mighty wind—blow! Fill them with power—now! I can hear the Lord saying. “They’re gathering together at Cane Ridge. Thousands are craving a touch from Me. Drench those hungry souls in Kentucky with rain from heaven.” The orders continue: “Armies of heaven, join ranks with Evan Roberts. His prayers have been answered. Sweep through Wales. Melt the hearts of the coal miners.   May their coal-dust –covered faces be streaked with tracks of repentant tears.”

I can hear the cry from heaven, “Holy Spirit, fall in that little shack on Azusa Street! Touch, Holy Spirit, our dear brother Seymour. Flood every hungry heart. Baptize them with fire!”

“Wesley, Whitefield, Tenant, Jonathan Edwards, Brainerd, Finney, John Sun, Reinhard Bonke, Yonggi Cho…take this from the storehouse of heaven! Receive the anointing and preach My Word to the masses.”

These soldiers of now and then share in common the constant pursuit of revival. God has heard their cries and answered their prayers. Determine in your heart to be one of those who won’t flinch in the heat of battle. Go after God with unquenchable zeal. Be a Wesley, be an Edwards, be a Finney, be in pursuit of revival.